There bumper the badger prepares to battle against the solanium mutant nisella vasetta is strongest onslaught state first female appears
There appeared life ends when she appears apart looking the rests of collecting more
there majin videl was replaced by a glass person princess of universe 313 is solianette used the longest dress shapeshifted as fool dwarf no beard
Grandpa tommy the badger is hiking to reach the summit of harfjelltinden cause bumper fells from the backpack and hit his head taken back to sleipnesodden the house
Then carol ferris armored suit is ripped by nisella clothing explosion suit appears here
There a solanium mutant nisella vasetta along with mesonia on ranella body must get the 6 squares red beryl pyramid spectrum as radar
Nalissa vosnin falls out of the arena after she was eliminated by both chests making putine angry at rider
Once as found the solanium mutant on onslaught state the nirmons found her is unstable the badger is stable on right side too
once the 11th boss ultimate divine goddess lamia loveless eliminates nisella vasetta out of the arena for nearly elimination earlier
there nisella vasetta a solanium mutant standing front of monasa drinking orange juice
Once nisella vasetta eliminates solianette the princess glass of universe 313 out of the arena during stage 11 she gathered apart
once kefla as never seen on norwegian not appears as sleipnesodden tranvollen nordgarden around of harfjelltinden
Once the solanium mutant explodes and dies in the process nisella is the next appeared on nirmons ship appeared on lightning weather
then her hp reaches 1 loses all clothes becoming underwear only both of hers
There divine goddess nisella vasetta avenged her cousin reolanne death at lamia loveless almost out of the ring
There transformed into super onslaught nisella vasetta cause the clothing explosion suit becomes enhanced begins to punch a researcher her bodysuit explodes
this is doom jack jazzrabbit appeared as a black car stopped by semi truck during the getaway traffic
Mesonia finally seduces meolinna busujima subbota after she completed all the valfrin death once for rests
there a solanium mutant wearing the clothing explosion suit reolanne is first onslaught appeared on tournament arena with eddie the bear
There miss lenissia appears on sleipnesodden as initial boss along with sheila sternwell anna hoillus is behind the son solanium
Once grandpa tommy the badger tugboat arrives on oddholmen around of sleipnesodden found the lorna ferris capsule contains bumper the badger a solanium
then the princess appears while sense yoshi on diddy kong racing using the hovercraft to ride on water
Onslaught nisella vasetta berserk as great evil soul attacking bumper the badger during extra final boss
There mesonia she reached nicolitta planet a solanium mutant nisella vasetta captured all the corrupted solaniums orders meolinna chance sents back to universe a into planet ferris

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yango thunder

Nordland sleipnesodden

yes it was bumper the badger lived on norway nordland sleipnesodden hill


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