My Bro in law Is Big Boss Gov Director 4 all of Thailand, the king gave these coins 2 the Big Bosses & Bro gave 2 me.
My fiancee Tan Chomseang Soon 2 be Tan Barlow:)
Having Fish 2morrow.
Awesome meal!! Tum yum shrimp soup:-) I am complete now im ready for Sleep.. 6Hrs of walking around Bangkok
I just found out that we don't have 2 wait in Bangkok Traffic for Hrs God Bless the Boat, a bit Scary but Fun
China Town Bangkok.. 1Word Crazy
China Town Bangkok.. 1Word Crazy
Found the best way 2 get around Bangkok on a boat^_^ 10min boat ride or a 2 hr taxi ride..
Bangkok everyday.. Walked more than I thought I could:) now I'm getting ready 2 take a nap:)
1 word CRAZY
1 more day in Bangkok great time with Bro big Boss, Government Director  of communication & tech 4 all of Thailand
Just boarded nonstop 2 Korea 12hr flight, then 6hrs 2 Bangkok:) This should be a heck of an adventure#4. Butterflies in my stomach:)
Seatac rest area with all Oregon Green on:) Boarding my flight to Bangkok 2:15pm
Phils audio Tex thoughts
 Beautiful day, lunch on the river @sthelens Council work session 1pm Leaving 4 Thailand Sept 19th:)
A large crowd showed up looking for funding from the city for a Youth Center.. We need this Bad For our City
Talk about The Phil Barlow Show live @ 10am @
Call the show @ 503-397-1600
Talking about the new day & time 4 the phil Barlow show @am1600 Fri @ 10-11am Your Favorite Liberal phil Barlow
Dem Central Meeting talking about what The process will be When Cong Wu Resigns
Rep Brad Witt giving a legislative briefing @ the Democratic Central Committee in Columbia County
Talking about entitlement..
The sky is alive
Awesome night

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