Unfortunately the season ended way too quick, no play-offs this season with @hcoranjerood . Ups and downs didn’t bring us in the best vibe. Looking forward to a new season and a good summer with @oranjehockey . Thank you for all the support during this season. Good luck for @hgchockey @kamponghockey @hcbloemendaal @ahbchockey in the play-offs💪💪 @reece_australia  @ehlhockeytv @tk_hockey @hockeypartnernl @hockeynl 📸📸 @worldsportpics 💪💪
New week ahead after a disappointing result on friday and sunday with @hcoranjerood @abnamronl #goalielife #keeppushing
Thank you @fieldhockey_studios for the great photo art from the World Cup last december in India. Appreciate all your work 💪💪💪 @goalieworks @hockeynl #goalielife #keeppushing
Unfortunately not chosen for FIH Goalkeeper of the Year 2018. Congrats to @vincvanasch21 for this great award💪. Thank you all for voting and the great support the last couple of months. Keep working and pushing the limits in 2019. 🏆Already a personal milestone to be nominated in the first place. My last award is also one to remember and cherish @oranjehockey @fihockey @thijsvandam_ @goalieworks @hcoranjerood @sports_odisha @hockeynl #goalielife #keeppushingforward
Summertime in Melbourne ☀️☀️ Now heading back home for three weeks recovery because of my broken foot ♿️ Good result with @oranjehockey in our first two games against New Zealand and Australia  during @fihockey Pro League 2019. #cantwaittobeback #goalielife #keeppushing
First win in the @fihockey Pro League against @nzblacksticks 3-4💪💪 a personal bad start of 2019 to break my foot in the warming-up of the game. Now time to recover and support the team in Melbourne for the second game on saturday against Australia. #goalielife #recovery #keeppushing #cantwaittobeback @hockeynl @oranjehockey @hcoranjerood @goalieworks 📸 @worldsportpics
My 10 Year Challenge😂 2008 and 2018 #nodifference @hockeynl @fihockey @hcrotterdam @hcoranjerood #keeppushing #goalielife 👉👉 last day for FIH Star Award voting via Link in Bio💪💪 #countdown
Back on track.. this week heading up to New Zealand for the first @fihockey Pro League games of 2019 against the @nzblacksticks and @kookaburrasofficial #keeppushing #onwards #newchallenges #airmiles @oranjehockey @hockeynl @goalieworks
Last few days off. Next week the FIH Pro League preparation starts.. Don’t forget to vote for FIH Player, Goalie and Talent of the year 2018💪  Link in Bio 👆👆 #keeppushing #goalielife  @goalieworks @bp_college @hockeyindia 📸 @worldsportpics 📸 @hockeynl @fihockey @thijsvandam_
One of the best moments of 2018 with @oranjehockey at the World Cup in India.
When you see this in eachothers eyes you know why you play in a great team❤️💪 Don’t forget to vote for FIH Goalie of the Year 2018, see link in Bio💪👆 @goalieworks @fihockey @hockeynl @eurohockeyorg #keeppushing #goalielife
What an intense week! 💪  Very honored to be selected for the FIH Goalkeeper of the Year 2018!  Please vote for me and my Dutch teammates @billybakker8 and @thijsvandam_ 👉👉👉 http://www.fih.ch/global-stars/hockey-stars/2018/  @oranjehockey @hockeynl @hockeyindia @hcoranjerood @goalieworks 📸@koensuyk
Ups and downs in the last 48 hours of the World Cup 2018 in India. Winning the semi-final after shoot-outs. Losing the World Cup Final after a sudden death goal in the shoot-out serie. So close... Thank you International Hockey Federation (FIH) , Hockey India ,  Sports Odisha and KNHB for an amazing tournament and journey. It was great!!! One month of incredible India and moments for life with my teammates. Thank you for all the messages and love❤️ see you soon Bhubaneswar and India💪📸 @worldsportpics @sports_odisha @fihockey @oranjehockey @hockeyindia @hockeynl @goalieworks
Silver.... second time!! Can’t believe it.
Great teamperformance and qualified for the quarter-finals at the World Cup in India. Great goal @larsbalk 🚀🚀 @fihockey @oranjehockey @hockeynl @hockeyworldcup18 📸📸 by @worldsportpics
Looking forward to our first game at the World Cup 2018 in India tomorrow!💪💪Last training session done!! ✔️✔️ @oranjehockey @hockeynl @fihockey @hockeyworldcup18 #keeppushing #goalielife 📸📸@wvernesphotography
Last night we played our last home game of 2018 against @hockey_ireland  Friday off to India for the @hockeyworldcup18 ✈️✈️✈️ @hockeynl @fihockey @oranjehockey @goalieworks 📸📸 @wvernesphotography 💪💪 #goalielife #keeppushing
Next week off to India with the team for the @hockeyworldcup18 Happy to follow my dreams💪 worked, believed and hoped for this moment! @hockeynl @oranjehockey @hcoranjerood @goalieworks 💪💪#goalielife #keeppushing #weekendvibes
Running into the final weekend of the 4-nations tournament 2018 in Valencia.
Tomorrow final against Spain @hockey_esp @oranjehockey @hockeynl @goalieworks #goalielife #preparation @hockeyworldcup18
This feeling💪💪 Proud to be selected for the World Cup next month in India @oranjehockey 
@hockeynl @hcoranjerood @tk_hockey @goalieworks #keeppushing #believe #goalielife #26
Big three points today with @hcoranjerood against @hcrotterdam. Great game and atmosphere 💪💪 @tk_hockey @abnamronl @goalieworks 📸📸 @juistja @hockeyfotos.nl #goalielife
Wereld Dierendag en weer een jaar samen erbij ❤️ #9 #beau #luna #sem #lifeisgood
Can’t wait to be back💪💪 @hcoranjerood @oranjehockey @tk_hockey @abnamronl #keeppushing #recovery #goalife @goalieworks
Last session of the week with @hcoranjerood before the first home game of the season @abnamronl @tk_hockey @goalieworks #keeppushing #goalife #team
One more day of training into the heat!! ☀️☀️💦💦💦💦 Today a double session with @hcoranjerood 💪💪

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