That was an awkward txt conversation.
Haha maybe this is why  @HannahScheppy
@J0MARIE23_ oh, guess you havent heard.. Lol
This dog would not shut up, so i gave her a sleeping pill. And now she is finally layin down. Haha! Dont worry it takes 4 for me. She had 1.
♬ 'Monsters' - Matchbook Romance ♪
♬ 'Homecoming' - Kanye West ♪
Ditto!!! Haha i wonder if anyone will understand this.
Who is that sexy gal??  @kristenwright13
 @mariahannette you should be proud! Haha ♬ 'Somebody to Love' - Justin Bieber ♪
Here we go! Like this on facebook!
@JustinFessler jeeaalloouss. This is all i got. Lol
Hey look! Its italy on top of the US! Ha
Finally got my douchebag notes! Hahaha
Yes! Finally broke 100,000!
We had fun! :) hehe
♬ 'Simple Pages' - Weezer ♪
♬ 'Grow Till Tall' - Jónsi ♪
♬ 'California Stars' - Billy Bragg & Wilco ♪
#np ♬ 'A Bad Dream' - Keane ♪
@sandisue024 that strawberry did not stand a chance!
Yep i want one of these one day. RT @seancwatkins Couldn't have said it better myself.
♬ 'Daisy' - Switchfoot ♪

Such an amazing song..

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