Tooth fairy is broke y'all, damn!!
Uhhh, what???
Possibly the best pumpkin ever!  Kinda scared the shit outa me a bit...
Trick or Treating in Phoenix!  Happy Halloween!!!
All partied out!  Family nap to follow shortly  #vacay
Happy bday @cb1598 thanks for babysitting all of us at work, your the best!
I feel like I am driving into the apocalypse!!  #yegweather
8 years ago today I married my dream girl, happy anniversary babe!!
1.75 L for $36 God bless America, should last us a couple days.... @Desserttray29
Ughhhh!  Tickets finally arrived, can't wait for NFL 2012!!
Finished product, finally!! Thank fuck!
Gettin ink today from my boy Miles at Lucky Strike, doesn't get easier... Still hurts like a bastard!
Best DJ ever!!!
Nooooo, not again!  We just got him back!!!
Respect  #MCA
Are you fuuuuuckin kidding me this morning!?!!!  #yeg #weather
And the winner of family bowling day in Invermere  @Desserttray29.... Yep that happened #thumpedbywife
Been doing this in Inveremere for the last 3 days! 
Is it too soon to rock your Lambo on the streets of E-town?  Not for this badass!!
Sooooo there was a hockey game last night.....  Thanks for the Epic hangover today! @Smigorowski  @Grieve Check the jerseys on these two!!
Holy shit I need some Edo right now!  Says the unsuspecting passenger of this van, wow!!
At The Score in Ajicjic Mexico for Super Bowl baby!!!  Go Giants?  I guess....
Down in Mexico to watch Super Bowl with my dad, guess he needed a nap....
Canada vs Russia!!  Let's do this baby!!  #revengetime   @Desserttray29

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