Happy cinco de mayo #cardiomusic
So excited to visit the little cuz in florida in two days...  @D_Fiorito2 this always reminds me of you
Hey i see a familiar name on there for tonight's game... #NYYankees #proudcousin
Hey i see a familiar name on there for tonight's game... #NYYankees #proudcousin
Throwback tuesday #mariah #bestalbum
Throwback tuesday #mariah #bestalbum
This stadium brings back memories.
Am i really listening to this at the gym? The answer is yes and i love it.
@carinaa_F lol
I guess i should save these for when i get married?...Or wear them to see Britney in vegas #Morerealistic #newbabys #louboutin
"Open the garage from the window" -- this is what i see. LOL my dad is the man!
If i had the money i'd totally buy this. For real the most awesome thing i've ever seen
Preordered my copy  @britneyspears :) cant wait
Think this has happened with every new britney song lol  @Lissy121
Some girls throw on ears and  it a diy costume. And then there's me making this...  #itsbritneybitch
Greatest conversation ever  @dgwaddup #samplesaleready #allaboutthestrategy
Spiderman and the Giants. My Dad really did something right haha  @Lissy121
Duh  @Lissy121 @StinaC310 @stephie_campana
Who said i cant cook?
Who said i cant cook?

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