Goodbye Excite! I have memories about you
Baru tahu ternyata masih posterous dan google plus
Melihat salah satu block panel Videotron
Seminar Nasional Kewirausahaan
My Senior High School, SMA Negeri 1 Pekanbaru
@mariana_adja Like This Quote +1: Menyayangi dan mencintainya atas kehendakMu (worship) cc: @drainbowshop Pagi temans
But the bad news, Plurk also add an advertisement in a Plurk page :-& previously the ads only in the frontpage/home.
Plurk new feature: you can add external emoticons by adding it with URL or you can upload gif files from your PC.
New feature in Plurk: "My Emoticons". You can save your personal emots here (besides Plurk's standard emots)
 Heello had a problem yesterday, this error often appeared. Beside that I had trouble to upload ping with image.

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