Crap. @Twittelator Pro no longer support Lists??
@twittelator Im constantly asked to login for Direct Messages?? Unchecked Twitter number is also always never Zero.
Netherlands Dragonboat Championship 2014 now in session at Willem Alexander Baan. Seize the day @TheDutchDragons!
I fell in love at TuTuTu. What a gorgeous morning voice to listen TuTuTu. Every time I wonder if it's you @MissMontreal
BlackMagic SmartView Duo in use for Nos Pais TV, Curaçao
MC Control EUCON reboot fixed jumbling track bug.
MC Control screen
♬ 'Groove Holmes' - Beastie Boys ♪ .... Walking home never feels so good.
Now that looks familiar doesn't it.. Definitely the better years.. #homer
Daughter just reminded me where we were same time last year..
@Art_Fazil Been expecting to meet you here since London days.. suddenly your rep is here. :) cc @jamielsaid
@Roland_US @Roland_UK Back fm lifetime shoot.. Back in studio only to discover this. !!???? #RolandR26 #corruptfile
Weekend. Let's help bro-in-law build up his new pad. #UseYourHandCampaign
My fix to that disturbing freq response on the @HiddenRadio. Thanks to @elephantcandy's #EQu app! #preset #sound
This is not what music production is about. But it is definitely something you should learn to do before you get into the game.

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