@Whiteboifrezsh yup.
Nope. Not fixed.
Drunk on this baby. #notgettinganyworkdone
Construction halted due to lack of interest And #mtpsc is building more. #boulevard
Sitting in a boat in Boone Hall Creek  listening to Christopher Cross. No one is here. Oh yeah, it's Christopher Cross.
SC for Obama! 77%
Fancy ass chicken #fair
@58degrees Did you see this??
Good morning! Thanks @58degrees for bringing up the paper. #awesomemorningtides #wishIcouldpaddletoday
@SChaves13 Note the name.
@MissEmily18 Look at what they have @ThePigglyWiggly !!
Beautiful morning. Beautiful girls! @NicClaire26 @izzystrobing
@bettemidler Imagine seeing you in Iceland!
@bigtoothdog Actually it's a soft boiled egg. I had this: skyr, Avacado oil & berries
A lot of double parked assholes in the #chs Place garage today. And then there's this:
Hipster AND expensive. #twoboroughslarder #chseats
Excellent Google doodle today!
The tour. #wickedchs
This building was a whorehouse in the late 19th century. #wickedchs #Balzac
@58degrees got one!!
.@EmilyKahnPerry made this. I'm eating it. Be jealous.
This song is easy... #rhinofest2012
@JakeTylerKalik is hungry for dinner! #rhinofest2012
@adammintzer Hope you and SKL are having fun. We are! #RhinoFest2012

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