@de_B9 I like this wall.
@de_B9 Yes, sun.
@de_B9 Guess who'll eat all that right now …
@de_B9 At least it gives me time to tell you that this roman bridge will soon be 2.000 years old.
@de_B9 Hmm, maybe I should have brought an umbrella ...
@de_B9 The #Rhein is one of our biggest rivers. #crappypanoramatime
@de_B9 We definitely have train stations more beautiful than this one.
@de_B9 I'm on my way, too ...
@de_B9 I'll lock myself in until New Year's Eve. ;)
@de_B9 Perfect companion for little ducky, not only because of the name.
@de_B9 This (plus some more) is probably all the meat I'll have for the next 365 days.
@de_B9 We're back and little ducky is getting closer to the goal.
@de_B9 That's what we'll get. #yay
@de_B9 That's where my attention will be. :)
@de_B9 I didn't come for the religious nonsense, I came for the music. :D
@de_B9 Little ducky still needs some time. We leave for the concert now.
@de_B9 Let's see what happens.
@de_B9 Part of the filling.
@de_B9 Still an organic free range duck.
@de_B9 Yup, a duck.
@de_B9 Part 2 of our traditional christmas dinner: Sausages.
@de_B9 Part 1 of our traditional christmas dinner: Potato salad.
@de_B9 Here! :) #AlteOper #Frankfurt

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