Requests for Saturday morning hot cakes in the "tiny" size are annoying yet unrelenting.
Quinn skis for the entire day with no hot chocolate breaks.
Quinn skis for the entire day with no hot chocolate breaks.
Bring Quinn to work day goes fine due to starfall.
Quinn claims to have 2 "bunnies" foisted on him instead of teddy grahams.  "bunnies" appear to be upside down teddies
Running in OC.  Freeways to heaven.
Dad and Colin help mari and me lay down 900 sqft of floor.
Camping with bikes - we'll see.
Camping with bikes - we'll see.
Why nyt had to be the one that told us about this place I don't know, but we drop $30 on it every time we're in Seattle
Pullman north found to be scenic on evening walk.
Ran near the oddly-named Schiphol airport. Bike paths made it really nice.
Helsinki during a run.  Went to bed at 10:30. Woke up at 4:30. Haven't seen darkness yet.
Ran in Lyon this morning. What an amazing city.
Kai relaxes during Jerome's piano lesson.
Kai-"dad, we unloaded the bike trailer you just bought and put it together but now we can't get out."
Quinn's "glider helmet thermos"
Quinn happens upon 1a and finds it to be an enjoyable cakewalk.
Dinner at Sellas for the first time in 12 years.
Salt cod for the water activity blog.  May form the basis for a rich food vein, and honor institution of finan haddie.
Quinn - "I made the Eiffel tower"
Quinn wearing rollerblades sitting on a barstool eating applesauce with a fork.
Quinn plus a stencil makes for deep concentration.
When asked his superpowers, he said "I can stop corrosion, and turn rubies red, and that's pretty much it".

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