popped her Ferry Cherry today! :)
Fits! - like glove! Signs to come off, of course! :)
Nom, Nom, Nom!
no need to thank me for the rain, Sydneysiders! All I had to do was wash my bike! :)
it's a very tasty Australia Day indeed! :)
rebuilt @Mecca_Espresso Probat! must've sweated out 3kg! replacing rapidly with 'Lucky Beer' from around the corner!
I have 0.5 hours! I am on my way! Coolest gift ever - from my Ma! :)
my whole kit! - under 6kg - with all tools and instruments! :)
Too many options! :)
a great use for old coffee bags! my tiger seems very comfortable! :)
4 day old @Karmee Velocity through the Naked on my beloved ECM Veneziano A1 (which I must level up someday) - not bad!
The girl and I coming back from Canberra on the Old Hume Highway! :)
Heading South!
a quick stop for a coffee became an expensive exercise this morning @beandrinking - but oh, so made my day! :)
Chillin' with da Kitty
All finished! Can I get marked too? :-)
My boy's DJ road case! - très chic! :) Just needs some paint/felt, latches & handles! :-)
It's warm in here! Let's go touring! :)
Urgent Mac Delivery! :)
just 365 more sleeps! :)
installed my High Power LEDs giving more visibility - now let's hear them say - "oh sorry, mate! I didn't see ya!" :(
Let's go touring - just you and me, Neo! :-)
Harajuku? - No, Narraweena! :-)
she turned a sweet 16 yesterday! clipped 16,000Ks! :)

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