Parker made himself unconventionally comfy on the couch & snored his head off...
Something's not right there....:-/
Who is Kim Jong Il? People are morons
@SkepticThinker I made this a while ago. It goes well with what you just said :)
♬ 'Girl From Mars' - Ash ♪ #nowplaying Tune!
Human Santapede
♬ 'Hide' - Creed ♪#nowplaying Love a bit of Creed
♬ 'What More Can I Say ft DJ Danger Mouse' - Jay-Z ♪ Bitchin' #nowplaying
@baristaman And here's a screenshot with my tweet and his reply @sapient_ape @markfromkent @drawingbusiness
@rickygervais Tesco Midget Gems. I find it appalling they get away with this. I'm sure you agree ;)
@Cookiiedivine and this is the other end of it
@Cookiiedivine my mam ha the same. She loves it. This is just after they got an extension
♬ 'This Isn't Everything You Are' - Snow Patrol ♪ #nowplaying loving it
@scouse_dot @facepalm333I And just something a bit different
@scouse_dot @facepalm333I Eg of 1 solely in pen. Just wanted to try it rather than going over one I did in pencil
@scouse_dot @facepalm333I I just kinda like this one
@scouse_dot @facepalm333I did this when I was in college - about 6 years ago at this stage. From the Face/Off cover
@scouse_dot @facepalm333 Adams
@scouse_dot @facepalm333 Aniston
♬ 'You'll Follow Me Down' - José Molina, Luciano Pavarotti, Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana & Skunk Anansie ♪ epic #nowplaying
@GodlessAtheist @carlquintanilla Really? What's this then?
@TheEllenShow How about this puppy?
♬ 'Iris' - Goo Goo Dolls ♪ #nowplaying Still epic!
Parker has stick - is purfect day!

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An enigma. If it takes a man a week to walk a fortnight, how many apples in a barrel of grapes?



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