ticket machine maintenance
This won’t induce headaches, hardly ever use ls -l
ThinkPad X60s running #coreboot
Alix 2c3 running #coreboot POST
Mac OS X Tiger booting straight to console
Robot arm demo by @_saljam @londonhackspace
Looks like something of interest previously mentioned is on steam?
Rewrote the parts of zfsboot to ada0 & ada0s2a & now it just reboots
Visualising sound with puredata
Replace jumper & everything starts working, f-ing magic! stm32 running binary loaded via arm gdb running on mac os :)
Arm board on the right running app which blinks led, board on left measures its power usage, py app prints reading
Game over
Failing to wake from sleep #Mavericks
You step out the country for a few days & the next thing you know , the taxis have all changed
I think the kerberos extras install on #macosx went well
Odd graphics glitch on work laptop, related to 10.8?
Saw this band play tonight, very colourful visuals with a old school feel, reminded me of the original tron movie
The encrypted wireless network @_defcon_ 20
Badge is flashing differently #DefCon

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