I didn’t ask, but a Canadian brought me contraband. He risked butt searches and hefty fines to bring me a present!
Me this morning: sitting in cbhq, trying not to fall asleep, contemplating rubber band art
Tried to trade pins with @retnus and got slapped with a bracelet. So I guess I have a slap bracelet now
I eats a burger with second breakfasts on it (egg, bacon, hash browns)
What’s that? Tired and sore throat? Friends prescribed Mountain Dew and alcohol
At pax framily dinner. My backpack is playin the part of @MoogleDee since he’s too cool for us, like a moody teenager
This is @akjak with her 1% merch discount from @rkhoo
Hey I’m actually playing a game at pax. @akjak is teaching me Carcassonne
Dear @puckgoodfellow, @akjak would like to know why you think her baby needs coke
What did you do at pax, Punzie?
Well, I colored in a mermaid coloring book
Hanging out alone in cookie hq when @FatAssEngineer comes in “DID YOU PUT THIS GARTER BELT IN MY TASTY SACK?!”
. @chaosisorder is surrounded by @zerzhul s
I eats a burrito
The “wife” got hers on her foot @puckgoodfellow
I got a triforce of courage permanently emblazoned on me
I went in for a tattoo and my “wife” got one too
I got to game with @zerzhul!
I eats 2 kinds of chicken: bourbon and lemon
This is my favorite penguin ever
And then the kangaroos came hopping out and I squealed
Unlike that time I was in Australia, the wallabies here are not procreating
 I feeds a giraffe. His name is Dave. Dave licked my hand
Me: clear my street passes
Anti-terry: ok

Sweet! I have an intern now :D
I eats a bacon cheese bagel dog

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