Got Gabe to sign this for me #postpax <3
@PaulFerence bought this to have a drink in your absence over the weekend but misplaced it. Know you were missed :)
Ok so I had to bow out of Roll for the Galaxy, but NOW I’m playing a game this pax
I’m actually playing a game this pax. (If I haven’t left yet and out of town paxers are still here, it’s still pax)
Forgot to attach pic of @Sword8stone petting #punziesfunzies
Watched a stranger street pass me in line. I didn’t do any damage, but did give him a puzzle piece #pax
@CheddaIce sorry, the bf chose to blame you. I suspect it cause many problems in our relationship
@PaulFerence thank you!!
My view during pax #cookiebrigade
Ho. Lee. Eff. #cookiebrigade (no, I did not these Oreo peanut butter brownie minstrosities.)
I got the best gift from @chaosisorder
Already got gabe to sign my badge #paxbrag
I just got gifted Canadian Oreos! Thanks @Docteh
Kitty wants a cookie #punziesfunzies
I live the way they lit this so the shadows are super interesting
I found a legendary Pokemon! At the mfa
Official pa stuff jut showed up at unofficial pax game night :P
Pants, why did you all decide to fail right before pax???
Hooray @PAX_MMT and @cookie_brigade buttons are here
Red velvet Oreo #punziesfunzies
@nscottg thought of you
Tried sunflower butter as a pb alternative & well… maybe I just don’t like sunflower seeds enough? #cookiebrigade
Taking a break from #punziesfunzies tonight to make pb banana cookies for vegan & gluten-free crowd #cookiebrigade
Well, I was planning on replacing these anyway. Thankfully that happened when I got back in the car AFTER errands

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