One of these things is not like the others…
My burrito has antennae
They left me unattended, next to the free chocolate samples. Fools
I already impressed a random guy at pax and we’re still in the prepax phase \o/
I might be drinking a beer through a straw. #fauxpas?
Takenoko now. Because pandas
First time I’ve played Tsuro with max players. Also breaking in my pax-virgin work friend
Duck pond doesn’t have water yet. Ducks are trying anyway
Mine and @FatherVenom’s pax buttons arrived!
I don’t understand how this isn’t called crangerine
Avoid the 3rd rail! Except on the orange line. Apparently it’s no threat here
Took Oreos to @FatherVenom’s house to bake and he pulled out all year ones I’ve brought in the past and left here
Pikachu scarf #wip update: ears scrapped in favor of back stripes
Pikachu-themed scarf #wip Not liking the ears tho (black bits). What say you Internet? Keep the ears or rip them out?
anyone in Boston area seen cookie dough Oreos in the past week? Can’t find them any more & need for pax
We just got mlp beanie babies at work. Do I have to buy them all for my brony friends?
I’m afraid to look
This sounds fun AND delicious
Because I forgot pic in last tweet, sexy new Zelda 3ds xl:
Finished Lords of Waterdeep 1 point behind @FatherVenom. So close :(
Decided to be a rebel for my bday #nerdjoke
Yay Hanna pin. Wow that’s a lot of box though
Oh, Lola, what cute ears you have
. @FatherVenom: squirrel!
Lola: where?!

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