Video of a refugee restrained and carried out of the East Lorengau refugee transit centre on Tuesday night #Manus
Purr machine
These ladies have lovely voices #ShutDownManus
Video of refugees on #Nauru chanting "freedom!" as @PeterDutton_MP was at a nearby restaurant last night
Video from Mike compound ceremony for Reza "now we are destroyed & damaged. Is it fair to punish us like that" #Manus
Video from #Manus
#BREAKING: video from asylum seekers in Lorengau jail. "We are 58 people, they beat the shit out of all of us" #Manus
Video from Foxtrot bathrooms. Water has been cut off. #Manus
Video from Foxtrot bathrooms, where was has been cut off. #Manus
Protesters place bottles of water outside @DIBPAustralia's office in Sydney #Manus
Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here! Sydney #Manus protest outside @DIBPAustralia office
Video of asylum seekers on #Manus begging an officer for water (Saturday) @PeterDutton_MP
Video from Oscar compound. Asylum seekers chanting "freedom" #Manus
Video of asylum seekers helping an asylum seeker who collapsed last night. #Manus
Video: Dirty bathrooms at #Manus.
Another video from #Manus yesterday. "We are asylum seekers, not cleaners"
Video from #Manus. Oscar compound last night. Asylum seekers chanting "What do we want? Freedom!" Please RT.
Video: Guard ignores asylum seekers asking for water. Appalling. #Manus
Video from Mike compound on #Manus Island
Video from #Manus: Asylum seekers had to dig under fence to get access to water bottles because no water in compound
Another video from Manus Island
Video from Manus Island showing the IRT in riot gear yesterday. Asylum seekers chanting "what do we want? Freedom!"
Video from the incident involving police at #Manus this afternoon
Every time I go to the fridge #Christmas

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