Johannus of Georgia Church Organ Consultants
21 Aug 2010 01:20

Johannus of Georgia Church Organ Consultants 

A subsidiary of Johannus Church Organs, PAR. Dealer for Johannus, Makin and Monarke organs.

Welcome to Johannus of Georgia. We have incredible sounding state-of-the-art organs made by Dutch craftsmen. They can fill any space with beautiful music.

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Charles and Jeri Zacharias have been life-long musicians and music teachers. Charles has been a band, orchestra, and handbells director as well as a piano and organ teacher. He has served as a church organist for over forty years. Jeri has been a choral director and studio teacher of piano and voice. She has also been a church organist for over forty years.

In the mid nineties while working for a Johannus dealer in Portland, Oregon, Charles helped install Johannus organs in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California, and Mexico. In 1997 Charles and Jeri formed Johannus of Georgia with the desire of making top quality organs available in the Southeast at reasonable prices. Since that time they have installed a number of organs in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

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