Mmmm I've stayed in better hotels on my hol's  30 man rooms ! Deff not 5*
@SatScenes Breakfast served with a smile this morning in #Theale
Been playing with this today and now I'm tired :-/
@partroot did I mention I'm an  honorary Red Arrow ;-) seriously awesome bunch of guys though.
@SatScenes doing the community fire safety thing in naphill, glorious day for it to.
You should see the view from up here :-/
@M15HKS sorry could not resist ;-)
@SatScenesphot to go with last tweet :-/
Any guesses as to what my day is about ?  @SatScenes  #Theale #Reading
@Robin_Kemp Just leaving our place now, it's from the defence flying school.
Life looked good for some on the Thames near Reading this morning  @SatScenes always the lotto tonight though hey.
@Robin_Kemp as about as kinky as it got today, although we did play with the hoses ;-)
Just popped out and guess who I bumped into ?
Bored so took the pump to local dogging hotspot to see what's about, going to offer crew managers services
A cracking day to be in the bay @SatScenes, Cardiff bay that is
@SatScenes on the way to pick up my lottery numbers after viewing this in Reading.
Waiting for someone to show up for thier taxi
Got the keys to the company car this morning, move over, I'm coming through.
It's all gone a bit pete tong :-/  @Bombardier_beer
@SatScenes Been cuttting corners in work so that we can enjoy the sun in High Wycombe.
Sitting in the oracle riverside enjoying the sun #rdg
@SatScenes Emilie enjoying her Tea and making the most of this awesome weather were having in #Theale
Just had a shower in work ;-)
Guess who's been polishing his helmet again ;-)

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