@JimCantore Heat? Yep! #GAWX
@danticoa good evening, Alecia. I hope your week started off well.
I hope u had a beautiful #Friday @AngieTink @HerbalisTiffany @Mad_Hatter_Tea @MickeyWondrland @Alyce_Neverland @rabbits_hat
@BG_garden Bracniod Wasp...Google this little guy...When you see a hornworm with these little white bags hanging on him...Let him be...The hornworm  will not be eating any more leaves... You are cultu
Have a humming day @lawyer1mom @TheWoodKey @pacearly @stitchfork @NantucketGal  @brendaslynn @TullyvalePost @Rubybeets
@sweettoothmarti @HerbalisTiffany @FirstNightArt @ElieBautista @Mad_Hatter_Tea @MickeyWondrland @AngieTink @rabbits_hat @doodlebugqueen
@pacearly @NantucketGal @Rubybeets @lawyer1mom @TheWoodKey @stitchfork @brendaslynn @TullyvalePost beach? Hot #garden work here
@pacearly @NantucketGal @Rubybeets @lawyer1mom @TheWoodKey @stitchfork @brendaslynn @TullyvalePost beach? Hot #garden work here
#kittehz Dad's motto is to serve. @ABlotz @gemswinc @WebGrrrrl @sandarwai @MoreThymeBlog @deephil11 @elegantdame @Jade44_4
@david37771 dusty in middle Ga.
@gemswinc @WebGrrrrl @sandarwai @MoreThymeBlog @deephil11 @elegantdame @Jade44_4 @ABlotz  @weatherfran
@TheGardenChat @MoreThymeBlog @BG_garden @HydeParkFeeds @gottagrowit @LilSubHomestead @tracyblevins @goodgardenkarma
No measurable rain in Ga. in May except this #garden plot in #EatontonGa. XFiles investigates.  @elegantdame @WebGrrrrl @Jade44_4  @ABlotz  @gemswinc  @MoreThymeBlog  @deephil11  @sandarwai
 TYVM, Cindy. My sister is on my left. On my right is a 3rd cousin & by him is my aunt. They r 1st cousins who have never met until today.
Preston update:
Just saw the GI dr...Preston is measuring 11lbs, 22.5in. In the 50% percentile, which is perfect. Test results came back normal. We can also discontinue the monitor, yay!!! Saying that
“@WebGrrrrl: >.< RT @RelUnrelated: Yet, somehow, food stamps, in the tiny orange sliver, are what's going to bankrupt us. http://twitter.com/RelUnrelated/status/580709760548360192/photo/1”
@ChiPhotoGuy @ChicagoCabbie @padschicago @OnlyinBucks @GeorgeLeClaire cold rain & I have bronchitis but must feed my birds.
@CloudAppSoc @JasonEng_ @coyotedolphin @ChiPhotoGuy @ChicagoCabbie  #Clouds on the move
#Clouds on the move  @Jade44_4 @elegantdame @gemswinc @RunnerGal23 @WebGrrrrl @deephil11 @MoreThymeBlog
@gemswinc @WebGrrrrl @deephil11 @MoreThymeBlog @elegantdame  @HydeParkFeeds #birds in slo mo.
@GeorgeLeClaire @JasonEng_ @Tuckertown @coyotedolphin @ChiPhotoGuy #birdfeeder active today!
@HydeParkFeeds @ParkSeed @BirdCams @AKbirder @mainehorses #birdfeeder active today!
#birdfeeder active today!  @WebGrrrrl @gemswinc @deephil11 @MoreThymeBlog @ABlotz @elegantdame @BG_garden
@coyotedolphin @Tuckertown @ChiPhotoGuy Some "slow" #birds at the feeder today. #GBBC

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