Bruce Love
Look what the @V_and_A sent my excellent colleague! #DavidBowieIs #Soho @DavidBowieReal
My Public Service Broadcasting tea towel is too lovely to dry dishes. It graces my kitchen.
Thank you lovely people @risebristol for my CDs! Next day delivery : ))
@shaunwkeaveny from @PrivateEyeNews #ohhh #matron
Cat wins sofa
Excellent day with@DH1889 @fielddaylondon even if we lost EVERYONE! X
Cat in bed stealing nap ambush! #catpicture #catklaxon #oscarcat
Hurrah! I've been waiting... : ))
@fabriclondon #testthespeakers
It's here! Hurrah! @HadleyFreeman
Bollocks to it. Here's a picture of my genius cat #Iwillhave83cats
@v_and_a #davidbowieis PERFECT!
New duvet has been claimed by feline #surprise #typical
The emotional blackmail...
The cat's it-could-have-been-me face #Broadchurch
If this actually happened, I'd be a woman in demand
Always the first on the clean bed linen! Always!
'Please feed me' cat face
Yep. It's an improvement.
@salihughes cat bombed
@shaunwkeaveny woof!
Quite excited with this one! @fabriclondon
Bowie spoils (inc Ziggy Stardust album cover fridge magnet, oh yes) #happy #DavidBowieIs
Me and the boy. Kicking back. Watching bread on bbc2.

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