I've decided today is going to be a non political twitter day for me starting with my avi pic.
#NoObama #NoAmnesty
Now for something to get your mind off rioting & into gutter... #women
From @radass.com http://goo.gl/r4E00o via
"Subject in custody"
"Assault Rifle shooting from Buick"
"Reports of 200 armed rioters"
Cause that's what Emperors do!
 RT @GOPBlackChick Y is Obama weighing in on #MichaelBrown grand jury verdict? Bizarre
From #UStream within protest group filming, white(?) Girl in black face, What is she thinking??
#Ferguson #SwapProtesters4Illegals
Our reward for surviving Monday RT @RadassDotCom
Cure Mon Blues 40 Pics
http://goo.gl/EFf9y5 http://twitter.com/RadassDotCom/status/537078236455239681/photo/1
What are all the Jenner girls at #AMAs do they have a record I don't know about?
Pitbull host AMAs "praised Obama for allowing all his people to stay in America & how wonderful it is."  #NoAmnesty
ZERO!! RT @AmyMek Finally Some TRUTH 10 Lies from Obama's Speech http://shar.es/1XCNCx #tcot http://twitter.com/AmyMek/status/536385237820141568/photo/1
@NaughtyBeyotch There is truth in what you speak!!
Congratulations Madison Guthrie, new #MissAlabama, she's AKA #Bama fan w/bitch stare  in #ESPN commercial!
@populistgop @Merry__Can @McConnellPress
Natural Gas is not a fossil gas??? She's as smart as #AlGore!
@populistgop @Merry__Can @Navigator1924 @mmmoonie
RT @StephCrass Wow

RT @rockytopinsider: SEC Nation sign: "My other Tebow sign was cut by the Jets"
Everyone's fav #Bama fan
New Miss Alabama 
Best "bitch smirk" on TV http://youtu.be/uVu7aICijjc
If Congress can't stop #Obama on amnesty what if he doesn't want to leave office in 2017?!
 #lawlessness #StopObama
RT @Dbargen Executive disorder. Jerry Holbert cartoon @TownhallCom #TGDN #LNYHBT #TCOT #C2GTHR http://twitter.com/Dbargen/status/535824650584870912/photo/1
@jjauthor nailed it w/Churchill quote:"Socialism = philosophy of Failure... Inherent virtue equal sharing of misery"
This is so demoralizing, Gotta take break from Twitter...
Have to get back to work & pay for all these #Illegals!
#StopObama No Amnesty RT @JoeTurner212 CONSTITUTION is VERY CLEAR http://twitter.com/davidjones720/status/535762162955087873/photo/1 @SpeakerBoehner @SenTedCruz
#ReaganIsRight !!
No war in his lifetime was ever brought about by #America being too strong!
#StopObama #NoAmnesty
Tonight's #Seinfeld rerun No.2 "Serenity Now, Insanity Later"
Great looking GF this episode. #BestOfAllTime 
"The fight over Executive Amnesty is not between Obama & Republicans in Congress, but against the American people!"
@NoInfidel33 @SassyPantsjj

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Currently I feel like I'm in a deadzone. Thank goodness for the Casey Anthony trial, it helps the days pass while I seach 4 work.


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