As soon as I get on..twitterjail smh
Twitter jail once again smfh ...SET ME FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omfg Twitter jail smfh
Bloodz theme 4 iPhone dis shit is poppin..when u turn it on it say scwoooop lmao
WTF!!!!!!bbl when dis shyt get real rite
I lost all mi apps dis is all I got smh
I'm bout 2 put mii x on blast step 1 imma  cumm at ya head dnt curse out mii gma  #fuckwasuthinkin
@BrEeZy_BrOwNe o jazeel stop wid da baby makin .. @lovejunkii3 I hope u takin notes lmao
@BrEeZy_BrOwNe oldest.daughter..oppps I mean son..wateva the fukk it is lmao
Poor Tracy how she gunna raise.poor lil jazeel jr by her self--->lmao
Bored dancing wit mii lil sis ..shout out 2 her
#nowplaying ♬ 'MI LOVE MONEY' - BUSY SIGNAL ♪
#nowplaying ♬ 'Hood Love' - Maino ft Trey Songz ♪ must download
Mee :D icon it ???
#nowplaying ♬ 'I Need A Girl' - Trey Songz ♪.
I gotta big head lml
Meh last summer
#Nowplaying ♬ 'I Need Love' - Lloyd Feat. The Dream ♪
Barbados's nice 2 be nice
I luv mii cuzz
I new there's kidds born in toilets

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