Why not….
It’s cold in Yarm
Yorkshire rhubarb, Israeli ginger, butter, sugar, orange juice
The holy trinity
Corn Exchange, Leeds. Loads of history here.
Found my Electric Warrior coaster
@jarjarbigboy @GoingUndrground
Cooking at the ‘in-laws’
@simoncardwell @Vernon731 @jarjarbigboy
Chilli plant just won’t stop giving
Custard is a moody blighter, thicken damn you
@jarjarbigboy I like my Js
@JaneGazzo ….
@JaneGazzo hey Jane remember that Do The Pop CD you don’t remember sending me? In ANOTHER drawer found this ;-)
Chorizo and mozzarella ready to go with the juices, basil and rocket into a sandwich + sweet potato chips.
Wow @spacehog in Leeds tonight, contender for gig of the year, first on home turf in 15 years - privilege to witness
I’m eating over-moist coffee and walnut cake directly out of the tin with a spoon
Sandwiches, cake and soup at Handpicked Hall, Leeds - with Donny
IOS7 - I think my life may proceed as before.
I think the Swiss Chard may be ready to harvest
Record shopping with @simoncardwell @Uliefay @jarjarbigboy @mccaby_baby (Kristofferson in the foreground)
The sky at @eotr
Pins cut the mustard - other bands splice The Slits with Siouxsie but they’ve got some top songs

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