Whoever had the idea to put this in the game, you're a bastard #ArkhamKnight
The Last of Us is defeating me.
Red-Handed Tamarin - Curragh Wildlife park
European Lynx (short video) - Curragh Wildlife park
European Lynx - Curragh Wildlife park
Fruit Bat - Curragh Wildlife park
Rhea - Curragh Wildlife park
Some kind of monkey - Curragh Wildlife park
@jezlyn I was indecisive when i got to the shop so ended up with one of each :-) strawberry, choc & banana
@munkimatt proporta charger next to a mifi and AA batteries for size comparison.
@barneyc  mifi, box, cable and instructions. Drop me a dm or email with address, just pay me once received.
@johnco I meant like this. Without clicking a link it fetches photos in the time line.
iDleFrame  turns the iPad into a lovely photo frame /calendar
Bad idea to use this as my iPhone wallpaper, every time I see it I burst out laughing.
Is it sad to be excited about a USB flash drive… but this things so small and cute :-)
OMG my ex-girlfriend got me the Kymera Magic Wand Remote for my birthday. This thing is so cool. Thanks Karen.
Right lads I'm ready for MW2 #twitclan and tonight I mean business :-)
Got my first in app purchase error with RSS Player, something about a sandbox account?!?
My Novatel MiFi has just arrived.
My 5th box this year. Think I've got a Match Makers addiction.
Home from work and the wide angle lens I ordered for my camcorder last week has arrived.

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