@mark_kirsch Gordon parks!
A rare non-political tweet. Cutting lilacs in the twilight brings me back to reality.
@MattGranite @wkyc And here's my mom wearing her the north face jacket that I got from your deal a little while ago!
@MattGranite Check this price out!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
No Cosmo is not a wine lover, but he does love laying on the wine rack! 🤣.  #badkitty
#TBT Five years ago I went to visit tonight for falls. Beautiful anytime of year.
In the hospital with pancreatitis 😔
@MattGranite Again thank you so much!! Love you, and by the way Cosmo says thank you for the box uncle Matt
@AndrewBaglini4 The view from my house
@MattGranite Here you go. This was from last nights giveaway.
@MattGranite Timehop this morning from last year.This is the look of "Yes! Black Friday and cyber Monday are OVER!"
@MattGranite Just to illustrate the depth of Macness in my family
@MattGranite See, you're in my calendar so I wouldn't forget. And I have you with alerts 😘
The real "bad hombre"  #Debate #NoTrump
Post this every day until the election
Post this every day until the election .
@MattGranite Mark loves his and I have a girlfriend who has one and she loves her Apple Watch . I just like round watches with diamonds around the bezel what can I say? LOL
And here it is before the Trumpers deleted it
Hi  @MattGranite, happy Monday! Just waiting on the countertop for the center island #excited
@JimCantore Interesting sky last night in Celoron, NY as t storms approached from west.
@MattGranite Progress

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