♬ 'Sunday Driver' - The Corries ♪
Dear Daily Telegraph,
It is as if I wrote this paragraph, sadly I cannot take any credit. 
Porthkerry caravan park has real sea views - I am glad nobody was hurt.
Now there is a nice picture to start the day
On a much more humane & lovely note. 
Baby Azra was rescued after 48hrs along with her mother & grandmother.
Well I could not agree more - #ScotRail would have a field day.
I like the picture but it does not change my view on Dale Farm
Now that is a humbling view of healthcare. 
Not necessarily my viewpoint but I did enjoy reading it. 
♬ 'Goodbye My Lover' - James Blunt ♪
How the Freuchie Hillbillies did that get on my iTunes
Well where else would I be?
♬ 'In My Memory' - Tiësto ♪
Yes, the mere sight of a man makes every gay man weak at the knees & unable to perform the simplest of tasks #Tosh
I would make prisoners wear their prison number and address them as such #Prisoner #HumanRights
Goodbye Harriers. Thank you for your service. #RAF #Harrier
Does anybody still own bleached jeans? #Wrong
Dear @dailyTelegraph just how is 1 supposed 2 read the newspaper when 6 (Six) of the pages R like this? #Telegraph
Well Christmas is well under way! My tree, in the drawing room, is up! Yay! 
For my gin tonight
Today's Snow Pic
All this equalities sh1t is continuing to piss me off!
Good Friday Morning
The Winning picture from the 2010 Army Photographic Competition
Just what planet is this guy on? Edinburgh is chilly tonight
OMG fat chavs have stolen the black quilted barbour jacket 

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