Today: Gadgets I am in love with!
- Watching Japan against Mexico #afwc11
#untalk about to start: @neilperkin about Agile Planning
Sunset in Vienna.
- Danke, Manner! #Pausenschnitten
I think @MichaelxHell likes this. #N9 #NokiaN9AT
- Angry Bird in the house!
Recipe for happiness!
Sunset in the streets of vienna after an awesome day!
Motto of #doomday
Big day for little @MichaelxHell!
The weekend just officially started: Grey Goose Vodka Cocktail in my hands #tgif
On board the limo with our host @FrankG from @1000heads.
The champagne tour is about to start!!! #fb
That's how you orchestrate a successful conference. #socialsummit
Some serious wine drinking going on here.
About to board the plane to helsinki.
Project Balcony is about to start.
Best ever Ultimate tournament location: Bibione
Cities cover 2% of the world, host 50% of the population and consume 75% of the energy. #sime11
Sommer, Sonne, Neusiedler See.
I am in love... with my MD-11.
Die #E7Tester beim Spielen ;)

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