This is Nero
This is BearLief
How to ship a furry friend
Not everybody loves fireworks
Helpful Doc is making Fatso's list of new years resolutions.
Happy New Year
The tail-end of an operation
I'm Doing fine thank you (but pleae keep that butcher called Doc away from me)
Such good bedside manner.
Poor ol' Wally
Thank you so much @Icypinklemonade
Doc, as a Real Doc
Bear with us
One, two, three, four ....It was twenty years ago today..
Hard days night
Doc's favourite album
Let'see if Doc can find @ZackRabbit a nice recipe for his #CookinWifRabbits
Doc listening to his favourite tapes
Doc is peckish after all that washing up. Now let's see,  a bit of cheese maybe...
This is so "not Doc" ...Lazy Human
Where's @RufusRabbit when you need him.. *grumble*
...and prepare some fried noodles for Doc's Human and HER
After yesterday's planking it's nose back to the grindstone.....
Planking for Dummies; How NOT to do it

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