Dance the night away on the eight floor, saturday will be Golden
Keep them sweet pine juices flowing. Next edition Pineapple Jungle : 26.05
Forbidden fruits on the eight floor at The Suicide Club
" Eight different partys have one thing in common : Beautiful people on the eight floor "
E Y E B A L L I N is watching you 👀 every friday @the_suicide_club_ 
Grand opening the 9th of march #wearyoursunglassesatnight
~The end of the rainbow is here ~
A special Valentines dinner high in the sky for our lovebirds tonight
The B L A C K photos are online ! 
Next edition B L A C K  05.05.'18
~If you are seeking for the end of the rainbow, it is here ~
MADLOVE brings you a unique soulful mix of House music with @djrobmanga 's signature blend of style. JOIN MADLOVE this saturday at The Suicide Club ( link in bio )
➖This Saturday the legend @djrobmanga will be behind the wheels of steel during Madlove at The Suicide Club ➖
“Food for thought.”
Thanks to those who came out last Saturday during ▪️ B L A C K ▪️ The photos are online.
The Suicide Club.
“If you live in love’s shadow you will always crave for her love’s light”
Focus for perfection.
- Eight pictures on the eighth floor ✌️ put your deuces up and get lost in time -
PRESALE TICKETS : The Suicide Club invites Benny Rodrigues now online !! Get your ticket !
"Now you're breathing champagne I can feel it sparkle on my skin"
🌱We all need more green in our life // at the @the_suicide_club_
~ From a different point of view ~
~ The Balance is on point ~
Eight pictures on the eighth floor
Read all about • B L A C K •  in our weekly online blog by @cincityofficial ( link in bio ) | this saturday at @the_suicide_club_
➰ 🔮 Turn your lights down low, never ever try to resist oh no! 🔮➰

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