This Saturday @chipsocial brings Code Pink with some acoustic live sets on our rooftop at @the_suicide_club_
E Y E B A L L I N .  F A C E S

Ball your eyes out:

Check the event Eyeballin is BACK △ Grand Opening 
9th of March
Flashbacks to your favorite weekly rooftop session C L O U D 8 
Grand Opening the 20th of May at @the_suicide_club_ , pre sale tickets online now
This saturday @bennyrodrigues allnighter @the_suicide_club_

Pre Sale Tickets SOLD OUT. 
Keep your eyes out and stay tuned for the last round of tickets.
What goes up must come down
This is where the magic begins.
Dance the night away on the eight floor, saturday will be Golden
Keep them sweet pine juices flowing. Next edition Pineapple Jungle : 26.05
Forbidden fruits on the eight floor at The Suicide Club
" Eight different partys have one thing in common : Beautiful people on the eight floor "
E Y E B A L L I N is watching you 👀 every friday @the_suicide_club_ 
Grand opening the 9th of march #wearyoursunglassesatnight
~The end of the rainbow is here ~
A special Valentines dinner high in the sky for our lovebirds tonight
The B L A C K photos are online ! 
Next edition B L A C K  05.05.'18
~If you are seeking for the end of the rainbow, it is here ~
MADLOVE brings you a unique soulful mix of House music with @djrobmanga 's signature blend of style. JOIN MADLOVE this saturday at The Suicide Club ( link in bio )
➖This Saturday the legend @djrobmanga will be behind the wheels of steel during Madlove at The Suicide Club ➖
“Food for thought.”
Thanks to those who came out last Saturday during ▪️ B L A C K ▪️ The photos are online.
The Suicide Club.
“If you live in love’s shadow you will always crave for her love’s light”
Focus for perfection.
- Eight pictures on the eighth floor ✌️ put your deuces up and get lost in time -
PRESALE TICKETS : The Suicide Club invites Benny Rodrigues now online !! Get your ticket !

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