▪️C O D E  P I N K ▪️for our rooftop
For the ones that adore the night, this weekend at the suicide club.
▪️ Rancido & Cincity ▪️ Both known as one of the first dj/producers in Holland pushing the afro sound. A few years later, they developed a more electronic, mature version building a bridge between techno and house music with african influences. A night that combines the darkness of techno with the warmth of african vibes.

Don't be affraid of the dark
8 pictures from the 8th floor
A new club night at one of Rotterdam hidden gems.
Kick off 2019 at the NYE Black balll on the finest rooftop club in town. 
See bio for more info and tickets
The moments we drink champagne are the ones we hardly ever forget.
#Liberation take over ! Our first mistery guest just touched  base!
The second lounge area on the roof, bringing light in the darkest of time. Tonight for the first time at The Suicide Club
Find out who is curating The Suicide Club this weekend
Enjoy some of the best memories of @liberationevent. Let’s make some new ones this Saturday.
Sincere passion for quality, finished with an edgy touch
Friday and Saturday are closing in. The days that matter to us most.
8 pictures from the 8th floor
8 pictures from the 8th floor
In order to celebrate their 5 year anniversary properly they invited 4 international artists joining this special edition at The Suicide Club
At least our vibes are keeping you warm
Check out wich of our dj friends will be joining us this weekend
Add some Darcy love to your cocktail...
Counting down the nights for the weekend to start
Counting down the nights for the weekend to start

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