Autumn in progress - wave of Autumn foliage
The door that almost never close, Bongeunsa Buddhist temple.
Fire--bird. That's what I imagined.
'Too many pattern attempts' in Android phone. Because I totally forgot the pattern.
Incredibly hot but at least bright sunny day in Seoul.
poster: FIS - Flickr In Seoul
beauty of curves
shadow of person - dedication to the
white water lily at the Jeongdok library in Seoul
world heritage in Japan photo exhibition at the public information and cultural center of Embassy of Japan in Korea.
Americans aren't much different from Koreans.
screenshot of Black+White Photography magazine subscription web page and Korean's website which they sell the magazine subscription
screenshot of's The Art of Photography book page and Daum book cost comparing website
She has a style, I think.
a crowd of people at Changgyeonggung (gung means palace)
main entrance of Changdeokgung (gung means palace)
not scared enough
I can't get off my eyes from her.
It's cold or not. It is a Spring.
Snowing in Cheonggyesangga, Seoul
Winter? Not quite, not quite yet.
Ginkgo vs maple tree, Autumn in Korea

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