@mskris_ I meant this pic its still mad funny
@mskris_ it's still funny tho
@CocktailJay @M_LucilleDanger I won the mega millions $2 #anditspaidfor
@mskris_ I won $2 tho I'm thankful
@MsDontGiveAShit nah this is
@Rockstar_King28 4 different jurisdictions #anditspaidfor
This is why I'm gonna lose in the morning this is the clearest long island I've ever had in my life FML
@PoloWink @MzThicks 0.6 gallons tho
@PoloWink @MzThicks here's proof of that
@BoozBoobsTatoos I heard it one afternoon during the ratchet hour on 92Q 6-7pm I was like
@iKirkOUT -_______-
@JDavis1007 @CestLaVie_Kg
@JDavis1007 @CestLaVie_Kg get that shit outta here stay at your barbershop but while your waiting
Would you pay $300 for these snakeskin Jordan's?
@AKAtuallyPretty @Thirst_Dollas @MrJones0303 @mskris_ @CCLounge already drankin
@IMCoolLike_That @MrJones0303 you know where to find me don't choke....
@WTOPtraffic car fire on 95 south before the rest area in Maryland 2 right lanes blocked
Anybody going to DC from Baltimore on 95 heads up
@EITMonline the redskins always lose
It's real out here at city hall

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