Yep. Autumn.
Beautiful storefront to a Prague bookshop whose name feels like a particularly bad Scrabble draw
Crossing that one off the bucket list.
God wil met jou in een tentje deze zomer!
"Snertweer"? Nee, wij prefereren de term... /cc @verkade
@rvansteenbergen De groeten van @matijs uit Utrecht!
At @TEYLERS, explore science… and see proof that cats-on-keyboard pics date back to the 1800s
The great @astridpoot presentation at yesterday's @thishappenednl had this recognizable zinger of a slide. <3
FARTMAKERS. (Amsterdam parking spot edition.)
Afsluitdijk: unexpected location for a sign pointing to Amsterdam's Bos en Lommer #bolo
FARTMAKERS. Pranksters of love.
Midden in Lissabon, even een Tilburgs momentje.
Let's chalk this one up to subtle intercontinental cultural differences.
ATTENTION. Stairs and walls.
Portuguese van door with some elaborate graffiti /cc @jvhellemond
Ah, eindelijk, een hands-free oplossing.
Great quote from Charles Yu's "How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe"
Ah, die goeie ouwe Mr. BOH. Bekend, efficiënt, en dus ook prachtig getimed
Ach... Weet je wat, laat ook maar zitten, Het Parool.
Found world's saddest out-of-context sticky note in hallway today.
Found this helpful reminder: it's not just looks that matter.
Excellent points (and pointers) from @stephenhay at #NLHTML5
Meanwhile, in Rotterdam, Mr. #NLHTML5 @_paulverbeek introduces Mr. #mobilism @ppk
Best task sticky ever, ever. Ever. /cc @rvansteenbergen

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