Fugglers. Monster-looking plush dolls that peopled are using to store their children’s baby teeth. The dolls look like handmade versions of Monsters, Inc. hopefuls with mouths full of pearly white lost teeth. They’ve been making the rounds on social media and are given to children to use as teddy bears. To me, they look like they want to eat human fingers for breakfast and I much prefer a gold necklace with a Tooth Tales pendant dangling from it. But maybe I’m biased. What would you chose? A necklace for yourself or a toothy monster for your child?
Niet alleen zijn de tanden van de krokodil scherp, ze blijven altijd wisselen. Twee, drie keer per jaar komen nieuwe sterke krokodillentanden door. Mensenkinderen daarentegen wisselen hun gebit tussen hun zesde en twaalfde levensjaar, en houden de tanden dan de rest van hun leven. Maar zij verslinden dan ook geen beesten met huid en haar. #datscheelt
The sweetest tokens of the most enduring love
The sweetest token of the most enduring love.
A bracelet designed to be worn forever and a cherished tooth charm are a match made in heaven.
Crafted from 14k yellow gold, this classic chain is made from rounded links and is the perfect accompaniment to your tooth charms.
“My 8-year-old lost a tooth the second night I was home with my new baby. She left the tooth with a note that night, but my husband and I were so tired we forgot. She was upset the next day, so I took what money I had and shoved it under her pillow with a note from the Tooth Fairy. I left $8.
The next morning she woke up very upset. The Tooth Fairy left her too much money she said. Pretending to be curious [of] what ‘too much was,’ I asked.
She said $23.
Apparently my husband felt bad also and left $10. My mom was visiting and felt bad also and left another $5.
My daughter put $18 aside and wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy saying she felt bad for taking too much money and was leaving her the change.” #toothtales #toothtraditions #firstlosttooth #toothfairy
Subtle and sweet 🌱
Teeth fall out every day, all over the world. What do you do with yours if you were born in...Morocco? “I put my tooth under my pillow when I go to bed. The next morning I must rise with the sun and throw my tooth toward the sun while I say: ‘I give you a donkey’s tooth and ask you to replace it with a gazelle’s tooth.’ Otherwise, I might get donkey teeth.” #toothtales  #toothtraditions  #babytooth  #firstlosttooth
Why don’t you hang your Tooth Tales tooth charm on a gold earring instead of a necklace?  #toothcharm  #toothtales #toothtraditions
Teeth fall out every day, all over the world. What do you do with yours, if you were born in....Nigeria? “I hold my tooth in my fist with eight stones to make a total of nine. (A girl will hold six stones and her tooth to make seven) 
Next, I close my eyes , and say: ‘Oh, I want my tooth back!’ Then I throw them and run away. It is very important to run away.”
A wiggly tooth is a big thing - and Prince William is well aware of that. #royalattention #forawigglytooth #toothtales #firsttooth
The Tooth Tales logo is made up of a heart and an ‘M’ for ‘mother’. It symbolizes growth, love, motherhood, and milestones. In pendant form, it serves as an amulet. The pendant comes on a delicate chain, ready to wear - and cherish. 🌸
A coin for the kid, a pendant for the mom. #toothtraditions #toothtales #14k #solid #yellowgold #yum
“When my daughter was about 10, I wasn’t sure is she still believed in the Tooth Fairy. One night, I went to do the switch when she lost a tooth, and she left a not under her pillow that said: ‘I’m not stupid - I know it’s you.’” #toothtales #toothfairy #firsttoothlost
Memories are golden.. #toothtales
My Mother kept my baby teeth in a miniature glass jar. ✨  I thought it was absolutely magical! ✨  Where were your baby teeth kept? And do you still have them?? ✨
This Tooth Fairy doesn’t discriminate and welcomes puppies’ teeth as well. Here’s our first ever puppy tooth charm in white gold - with some precious other accessories. Although nothing beats a personalized tooth charm of a loved one, be it doggy or child 😄🐥👶🐶
Ze French always have a knack for doing things differently- so when you lose your baby tooth there, the little mouse will come and replace it with a coin. 🐭💌💰#lapetitesouris #toothfairypartner
Soms krijg je een berichtje waar je zo vrolijk van wordt! Zoals deze, van Annemieke. Hoe een klein, lekker ouderwets bruin plastic doosje haar down Memory Lane bracht..:
“Hoi Maria, ik vind jouw sieraden van melktandjes zo'n leuk en bijzonder idee! Dacht dat mijn melktandjes er ook niet meer waren. Vanmiddag ging ik naar zolder op zoek naar mijn kindersandaaltjes ( anno 1975) om deze te passen bij mijn neefje van 1.5 jaar en tussen mijn kinderbontjasje(echte  lammycoat gemaakt door mijn moeder van een jas van mijn vader 💖💫prachtige jurkjes en schoentjes vond ik een doosje met daarin mijn melktandjes en een medaille van de avondvierdaagse.....zo leuk!” #makememories #toothtales 🌸 Dank je voor het mooie verhaal @annemieke73 🌸
Oeh! We’re throwing free range ivory in the mix! How’s that for ethical jewelry?! 😁🥂 #ToothTales #ivory #babyteeth
Tomorrow morning @mumazed! 🎀🎀🎀

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