Working in Helena Bar Resto.
Hooray for Pocketory's new mascot!
Sneak peak at the #Pocketory new iPhone UI.  Looking sharp!
#ChingChing ;-)
@Muktanini Fasting w u till dinner tonight! #fasting #ajunando
Taking the day off.  Helped a friend with her website and listened to #SnapJudgement and #RadioLab.
#Ruby meetup!  So happy to be here!
Pair programming at the Coding Dojo in Buenos Aires.  Converting integers to roman numerals.  Wishing I knew more Spanish!
Got my head in the cloud.
A cloudy morning in #BuenosAires. Hot.
Mr. Grill has moved to #1 in the charts and is holding strong!
Drawing: Sync Algo Programming En Casa
Drawing:  Working Hard On Sync 2
Drawing:  Working Hard On Sync Algo
New bookshelf:
Magical pizza!  Vegan, sugar and gluten free.  Food hacking!
Yes, it happened.  Holiday pizza was invented.
No walls were harmed in the making of this hangboard! #climbing #hangboard #WeekendProject
Xmas tomato tree in the city.
Another day on Av. Santa Fe y Rodriguez Peña. #gringo
Grand Central Dispatch in Buenos Aires

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