This is pretty impressive for 4G I think. At the moment it's zero on broadband on my iPhone. WhAts changed? Nothing my end. But Talk Talk had a major outage Friday/Saturday not been same since they "fixed" it.
. @TalkTalk so not sorted then? Still no internet despite your engineers allegedly rerouting traffic
@pactcoffee in addition to the original two I told you about, my latest order
I love my  @pactcoffee but disappointed with my latest order that no cards included telling me about the coffee.
. @EricSummerer "Back on the beat this morning. The Streets of Commonville solo training mission 😊" @joffwarren
@EricSummerer did you see this photo of  @SamHealey74 ?
@EricSummerer oh look
@EricSummerer oh look
@EricSummerer Zee with Streets of Commonville
@georgiaface when I look in the twitter app I use
@Bouncybhall yeah fun times
Lies @wisbechstandard block individuals RT @johnelworthy To clarify our newspapers do not block individuals on Twitter. But personal accounts are just that. So perfectly acceptable to block trolls
@EricSummerer played this and thought of you ^__^
@FenCops so when a new neighbour starts parking like this to stop other residence parking what can I do?
Here's my txt for those interested
Let's look at those schemers and plotters with their under hand plans against Corbyn and how they are "standing up" for the country
@SamHealey74 with you already waiting for show to start
@OuterHeaven_x my two attack chihuahuas Nico and Loki
@georgia_nyc  @westendjenna no way when did this happen? Just seen this added to Amazon Prime video
Hope all you loving couples out there are watching this classic Valentine movie today
Contemplating if I dare disturb Nico to make my second coffee of the morning.Is coffee worth forfeiting my life? YES
@JimConnolly Nico is that nuking about it

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