My nephew is just so cute
Found it
He's all angry and cute! I want one!
 RT @DmvKai: Ladies with curly hair, RT this with a pic it’s  #CurlyHairAppreciationDay
@jasonjermaine when I was there Trinidad James told me no pictures but he was like "I'll give you a hug tho"
Here's a picture of the #sxsw DUI killer that drove through a crowd of people in line to see Tyler the creator
I refuse to step outside until it's in the 60s
Best friends forever ❤️ @redbull
Passed that exam with a 90% !!!
 RT @SicilianInHeels: @theFLYinHAWiian Why you in my mentions? Don't you got hoe shit to do in NC?
 RT @TheFitGawd: women out here hoesting clubs every weekend.
Which popular tweeter is this?
@ManiacMoe @I_AM_TEXAS @NWDuval904
@I_AM_TEXAS @ManiacMoe
@Luke_FLYtalker oh hey
Pharrell and his pretty Laotian model/designer wife Helen
 RT @Dull_Antsy: RT @Geedooraa: If you a dude and you eat food you gay cause you swallowing real niggas get IV
Venny gonna roll up on that girl that recorded her like this

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