About Mobypicture and Tag The Love

The history of Mobypicture

In 2004 Mobypicture started out as a service that enabled people to send MMS-messages across different mobile networks. Because back then, it was impossible to send your pictures to friends who were not on the same cellular network as you.
Mobypicture offered an email service which would receive your photo and from there distribute it to your friends. It was only until 2008 when Twitter started becoming popular and back then there was no way to share pictures with your friends on Twitter.
This is where Mobypicture again came into play. While initially only supporting photos, support for audio and video files was added shortly, while also integrating more and more social media networks like Facebook, Tumblr and much more.
Nowadays Mobypicture serves as the core technology for our projects. For instance Tag The Love.

Tag The Love

While building Mobypicture we quickly realised that there was something special about our traffic:
All of it was generated by people who had a story to tell. This is when we began thinking about ways to help people putting this traffic to good use.

Instead of sending traffic generated by individuals to the Mobypicture website, it redirects traffic of certain users to a branded site. (which opens up possibilities for monetizing traffic with merchandise/advertisements, raising brand-awareness and much more!)

Want to know more? Check out TagTheLove.com.