Next time your app gets rejected, just ask why. It’ll help.
@idiot your old avatar lives in my fridge.
Damn, flight aborted #spacex
@gonny hoewel ik dit ook wel zie zitten.
@tmobile_webcare ik zal voortaan eerst even op de dekkingskaart kijken. Doen jullie dat ook? ;)
100 free raspberry pies. Ready for pickup next Monday. /via @Boris
@sborsje je bent vergeten de cancel knop aan te zetten! ;)
@mensus verhaaltje over het oprichten van Lifelapse;
iPad BSOD? Its seriously bricked now...
Yo dawg, I heard you like specs. So I put specs on your specs.
Hey Apple, where did my company name go?
The gifts are starting to roll in; thank you @jellea for this awesome, physical, photograph. Photo sharing 1.0
@fzijlstra Je bent er wel een beetje laat bij ;) Was al on the way down.
Thank you @OmroepBNN for the awesome, free, klusjesmannen t-shirts! You guys rock!
My latest app is now the number 1 free app in the Netherlands! How cool is that? Appstore:
While America suffers from earthquakes, our office suffers from leakage.
While America suffers from earthquakes, our office suffers from leakage.
Spotted on the AppStore: How Twitter emphasizes this screenshot by removing the status bar from others.
Tap and hold on an album in on iOS 5..
Finished with an app some Dutchies will definitely love! @ramon3fm @sanderlantinga
Little piece of UI for the iPhone app I'm building with my little brother. Should look familiar for Dutchies.
@resourcerer Twitter for iPhone
Twitter uploading
Testing posting to twitter with Mobypicture for iPhone.

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