@IamButton Woo hoo!  It'll look like this:
There is a lot of floof here:
I'm so tired, it has been a long week of play at daycare!
Mom's been trying to make me go outside. She's not very good at it when I don't wanna go.
Good thing this chair is here to help hold up my head!
Hello my smoochy @Charshy_pup we got a new app that turns a picture into 1000 words. Here is my pic of you.
@SnowyWestie Here is "my" pool. Action shot too of me leaping out -- seconds after this I was in mom's!
I had to get a shot at the V E T today. Here is me being un-brave again.
My cousin Sandy came over to play today and now he's extra tired!
@FreshOtis Otis I brought a dish to pass.  Mom just made these cheesy taters & onions on the grill! #lakewithpetie
Here I am on my way to daycare today! I don't usually sit up in the car but was enjoying the view!
@SnowyWestie @bigboybosco @aylalab @nocrybabydogs @charshy_pup @chloe_toby @tigerthepup @abbydatabby 
@wrigleyschnauzr Here it is!  Isn't it pretty?
Yay mom got us a new pool!!!
@Charshy_pup Oh yes my haircut feels nice! However it reveals that I have chickin legs.
Look at these babies that were just bornded yesterday!!
@MavTheTiger I agree, Bacon!!!
Evil Lawnmower Man!  [video]
@FreshOtis *offers bribe for forgiveness*
Mmmmm, BACON!  *shares with Anipals*
I tried to tell mom I was just helping with the dusting ...

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