@BigBoyBosco Oh how cute!!!  Mom had Schnauzee mix Saturday!!  She loves him!
Oh Bruuuutus!  @brutusthedane I found you a girlfriend at my daycare's costume contest!
Hi @VincentRocket look at these cute IGs in my daycare's costume contest yesterday!
Look pals mom drove this rescue dude today - Clearly part Schnauzee! @wrigleyschnauzr @hanseebundee @SirBarley
@JustAnotherTrnd Here's me enjoying the breeze beside Mom's chair!
@wrigleyschnauzr Wrigs look a sharkie!
Sometimes it's just so hard to keep my head up!
@MadLabM yes!  Oh and mom made me wear a tiara to daycare!
I got this silver dragon for my barkday!
Mom made me wear a birthday tiara to daycare today. Grrrrrr!
OMD what kind of evil is this?! Early Fugly sighting next door!  @SnowyWestie #barkbusters halp!
Mom baked little cakes for my birthday!
@danapixie Hi Miss Dana!  Freeway is doing pretty good, burst some stitches so needs to stay quiet still #pawcircle
Hi Schnauzee Broders @wrigleyschnauzr @hanseebundee @SirBarley! Look at the little girl who was at grooming today!
@OdyMaltese @busybuttons @niqqi OMD his name is Brien and he's not on Twitter. I would not leave his side!
@niqqi @pierrethepoodle @busybuttons @bigboybosco @angusfala @mariodacat Potty break!
Patch is being funny!
@LilyLuWhoT @nocrybabydogs @snowywestie OMD Fugly is scary vampire in neighbors yard!
@SnowyWestie Here he is! Poor boy banged up & stitched up & road rash.
Today mom met Freeway who was rescued after being hit on the highway. He's sweet!  Hip surgery tomorrow. #pawcircle
Hello my Smoochy-face!  @Charshy_pup *mwah mwah* I just woke up from a nap dreaming of you!  Mom says I have bed-head.
@Charshy_pup Smoochy-face, tonight I'm on the couch dreaming of you, instead of the loveseat. Still snuggling you.
I don't usually sit up in the car but tonight there were good smells!

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