@JNYRecommends yes! sweet!
Fucking figs!
Blue Manila Folder
Maybe they should've used a foot as the 3rd counter...
I don't know how these are supposed to help my headache, they taste like shit!
Do have to ask a friend for help with this?
There is a huge difference between arrogance and confidence.
So sad that this is defending freedom for this.
So sad that this is defending freedom for this.
Best answer to a Dear John letter ever!
@kjmeow does this require a face picture in the reply?
@jennyXwho yup. :)
Ever try this?! LOVE IT!!!!

The Malibu Red... Tool is just there cuz it rulez
I love my sockline. Not really
No need for a jacket. See the moon?
Bonfire. No help, just 2 matches
I've always hated reason
You think I'm too old to wear a hat like this?
Xmas spirit
The "War on Drugs" is a huge waste of money.
My spiritual leader
Just got a sweet txt from from @jennyXwho and thought I'd share it with you!

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