@KatieSummersXXX I'm an inch taller bitch if I was a dude I'd be an inch longer! Suck on dat!
They don't got locks on the doors. You been there don't lie
@shotinhell1 thiiiis one?
It's called a silk robe bitch!! Good Mornin #fancy
Smh I repeat.
"I'm a porn giant!!!!" -my reaction to this pic
Now this is wresslin @sashaheart
Been here too many times...
#NPH is my perfect man. Funny, well spoken, dapper, does magic ❤ unfortunately I am not his perfect man
How do you pump yourself up?
I send this stuff home to my ma. No lie. She loves this shit. ❤
@nik_boyle give or take a bit
This is my favorite book. #liafact
My phone background ❤❤❤ #nph
@koganuts this woman hand crafts these latex outfits!!! I'm going to die of excitement!
@koganuts I love this it's latex!!! Want want waaaaant
And so it's begun @ItsTessaLane @ItsJessieRogers @leilani_leeane
@Nancy_Potwin she still knocks over drinks lol! I think she misses the pups
@Nancy_Potwin Sammie loves juice too!
@Nancy_Potwin loooooove juuuuuuice
Day one of Lia's quest to stop smoking cigarettes.
Post shower nude! #lessismore #ibtc #SharkWeek
@koganuts @brianstreetteam

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