some more pics of me outside
selfie with mia! heehee
playing ball wif mia
Rufus on da bench-swing thing!
Rufus and Doc Ben relaxing on the swing
Rufus and Doc Ben enjoying some sun!
mia during most of her herding instinct test.. *facepaw*
mia at her herding instinct test...
our frozen apple tree
frozen apple tree leaves at night
frozen apple tree branches at night
frozen outside at night
zackary examining our frozen garden
iz gettin closer lookie at our frozen apple tree wif Doc
Doc checkin out da frozen rose bushes
our icy apple tree branches
zackary checkin out da frozen blades of grass
frozen gate, frozen fence, frozen lantern..
da clothes lines are all spikey!!
Woahhh!! It's a bit icy out here!!
our woofie monster..
mia lookin majestic in snow
mia covered in snow
Mia STILL looking for her ball in snow...

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