@NewMutant @AaronMeyers @DonCardenasArt Yes, I also enjoy Rom.
@mattyleegross Just arrived in the mail! Rarrrgh!!
@andrew_shaw23 Simply phenomenal.
Made some props for the Burning Grove area in tomorrow's  #dndenc
Now playing - ♬ 'Living In America' - James Brown ♪ #Smashify
Bill Mantlo, middle, celebrating his birthday this weekend. Sent to me by his brother Mike, on right.
I'll be handing Axelcrantz's letter over to the players on Wednesday, complete with his "official seal". ;)
As of 8:00am, just look at how many retweets this got. Just a reminder what we're up against, y'all! #obama2012
A) Voter suppression is evil. B) These voters' determination is awe-inspiring, but voter suppression is flarking EVIL!!
Here you go. You're the only one who gets to see this in advance.
@LandrasGembar I ran a pretty easy session because we combined it with a birthday party. ;) #dndenc
Hey, anybody ever read this? #goodchaykin #badchaykin
Did my best to put 'em down and got 2 KIAs,but the PCs wouldn't be stopped. Their bloodlust was insurmountable. #dndenc
A 1GB #Avengers game app? If I'm able to play as King Hulk, it just might be worth it!
Wert...? I think Pac-Man is in for a rough night.
Weird. I was just downloading the latest @panelologists @QPAW episode and lookie what I come across while I read. Weird
I'm sorry to be cruel, but this was just a lousy idea for a tattoo. One of the worst ever.
Now playing on Smashify: ♬ 'Jungle Boogie' - Kool and The Gang ♪

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