@NewMutant @AaronMeyers @DonCardenasArt Yes, I also enjoy Rom.
@mattyleegross Just arrived in the mail! Rarrrgh!!
@andrew_shaw23 Simply phenomenal.
Now playing - ♬ 'Living In America' - James Brown ♪ #Smashify
As of 8:00am, just look at how many retweets this got. Just a reminder what we're up against, y'all! #obama2012
A) Voter suppression is evil. B) These voters' determination is awe-inspiring, but voter suppression is flarking EVIL!!
@LandrasGembar I ran a pretty easy session because we combined it with a birthday party. ;) #dndenc
Hey, anybody ever read this? #goodchaykin #badchaykin
Did my best to put 'em down and got 2 KIAs,but the PCs wouldn't be stopped. Their bloodlust was insurmountable. #dndenc
A 1GB #Avengers game app? If I'm able to play as King Hulk, it just might be worth it!
Wert...? I think Pac-Man is in for a rough night.
Weird. I was just downloading the latest @panelologists @QPAW episode and lookie what I come across while I read. Weird
I'm sorry to be cruel, but this was just a lousy idea for a tattoo. One of the worst ever.
Now playing on Smashify: ♬ 'Jungle Boogie' - Kool and The Gang ♪
Now this is a @RIPT tshirt I would wear with pride.
Only two months until my birthday and I don't have this. I don't have this. Just sayin'.
I am really torn on whether or not to get this tshirt from @RIPT today.
Good morning, world! ♡♡♡
Anyone know if this happened yet or is going to still happen?
This still gets me. Every. Single. Time.
#dndenc It's a battle royal!
If there was any real opposition, we might be sweating. As it is, tonight's #dndenc finale has been a cakewalk.
Rudimentary, I know. And yet, I'm addicted. Fix-It Felix, Jr. for iOS.

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