Zackary: melt in brown sugar.. then mix in da fried onions.. den da sweet soy sauce! #cookinwifrabbits #cooking
Rufus: I... *huff* got .. *gasp* the .. ketchup!! *groan*  Zackary: what took u so long?!! #cookinwifrabbits #cooking
Zackary: Rufus! can you get the ketchup out of the fridge!! #cookinwifrabbits #cooking
mix on low heat to prevent burning da house down. also, it might sting ur eyes. #cookinwifrabbits #cooking
zackary: RUFUS, stand BACK!! we're heatin da chili paste.. it's HOT!!!! #cookinwifrabbits #cooking
we'll need deep fried onions, chili paste, sugar, sweet soy sauce, fried garlic, ketcup & a few other secret ingredients! #cookinwifrabbits
welcom2 #cookinwifrabbits we'll b makin @the_beardoctor's secret Sambal Badjak, a spicy chili condiment!! #cooking
hmm.. looks like I gained some weight.. wonder why..
hurry up & TAKE da pic so i can EAT!!
hmm... what shud I get for breakfast?
WASSSSAAAAPPP???!!! My FEETPAWS, dat's waht up!!!

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